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Portable Truck Scale CAS RWP
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Last Updated
03 Dec 2020
Country Origin
Korea South
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Specification of Portable Truck Scale CAS RWP

Portable Weigh Bridge / Truck Scales CAS RW-P   

Brand      : CAS      

Type         : RW-P      

Capacity  : 10ton to 80ton  

Made in Korea Original 

2 Year Warranty   

  • Built in Printer  
  • Built in RS-232, LCD Display  
  • 6 Load cell connector  
  • Rechargeable battery  
  • 5t / 2kg contruction alloy steel  
  • Built in 2 ramp on each pad  
  • Outstanding water resistant 900x500x39mm   
  • semi permanent structure


The Truck Scale is a series of scales that are fixed as a medium to find out the specific gravity of the cargo in the truck / car (empty weight, weight) so as to facilitate the loading and unloading process. The weight of a weighbridge generally has a width of 3 meters and a length that varies from 6, 9, 12, 16 to 18 meters and a capacity of 10 tons to 200 depending on needs. Suitable in use in industry / factories, government agencies such as DISHUB, old iron stalls, mining etc. This scale has three types of custom units, which are flat ground, which means that these scales can be built on a narrow area that does not interfere with the road or track area and looks neat in an area weighing either out door or in door.

The second one is the hill model, meaning that the scales are built on land that is specifically for weighing areas. In general, these scales are easy to maintain because the unit looks physical, if there is iron damage, electronic sensors, it is easy to clean both out door and in door.

And the third is a portable truck scale unit. This scale is easy to carry where it moves, as well as plaction because specifically for the weighing area that is not focused on one weighing area, the way the scales work focuses on the fulcrum because the car is even flat different. The three scale truck scales can be input from software scales so that the data becomes complete such as vehicle no. When weighing, the recorded net weight, PO number, weighed weight, etc. because the data can be processed from the database software so that it is even easier in the process of storing data truck weighing vehicles.

We sell a variety of scales and accessories according to your needs. Our products are of superior quality so they can be relied on for long-term use. Contact Person Dedi Kurniawan ( Telp/WA 081287004600/087875771114) Email:

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